Hydraulic Electric Felling Machine

Hydraulic electric felling machine is used for forest harvesting, timber production, twiging, etc., as well as wood construction, railway sleeper sawing and so on. Hydraulic felling machine is especially suitable for pruning in high-risk areas. The product has many advantages such as high power, low vibration, high sawing efficiency and low cost of logging.


Model MD-FM-06 MD-FM-13 MD-FM-20
Rotational Flow(L/Min) 30-40 40-60 60-80
Cutting Flow(L/Min) 20-30 20-30 20-30
Weight Capacity(kg) 200-300 350-400 500-650
Cutting Diameter(mm) 220 300 600
Weight(kg) 260 470 560

Grass Brush Cutter

Brush cutter is a machine tool used to cut vegetation of large barren hills. The blade is mounted on the output pin of the hydraulic motor and it cuts by using hydraulic motor's high-speed rotation. It can save weeding workers' working time and reduce a lot of human resources.


Model BCB-70 BCB-120 BCB-200
Apply to (ton) 6-8 12-16 18-23
Blade Qty 50 70 116
Working Pressure (bar) 200 200 200
Oil Flow (L/min) 50 80 120
Weight(kg) 520 950 1150

Wood Saw Cutter

This type of wood saw cutter is mechanical structure, the movable saw blade is using the power of arm cylinder. The sharp cutting power with our own special saw design. The drain line is not necessary.


Model FWV-70 FWV-120 FWV-200
Excavator weight(t) 6-7 12-13 20-22
Cutter blade Saw blade Saw blade Saw blade
Max.cutting dia.Dia.(mm) 410 820 1000
Max.cutting Dia(mm) 300 500 600
Dimensions (mm) 1500*390*980 2170*480*1450 2500*620*1650
Weight(kg) 900 1220 1950

Hydraulic Steel Shear

Excavator multi-functional hydraulic cutter is the ideal tool in the rescue process. Double oil cylinder body is equipped with a variety of different structure of jaw, realizing the separation, shearing, removing in the rescue process, making the rescue higher working efficiency. Double oil cylinder is with large opening design, so the work is easy,convenient, flexible operation, and ensure powerful motivation of equipment. Work efficiency is two to three times of broken hammer, fully mechanized, safe and saving time.


Model MCR08 MCR12 MCR20
Excavator Weight(Ton) 6-8 12-15 18-25
WorkingPress(Mpa) 24 31 31
Opening Size A(mm) 650 780 1000
Blade Length B(mm) 125 240 240
Front Crushing Force(KN) 430 725 1080
Middle Crushing Force(KN) 670 1120 1610
Weight(kg) 630 1480 2100