Application Of Milling Cutter

The application of milling machines is very wide! It can be used in tunnels, ditches, and municipal pipeline excavation. Road pavement crushing, mining, rock and frozen soil excavation can also be used. Open-pit coal mine excavation, surface production and steel industry, Various construction fields such as forestry.

1. The milling drum cutter replaces the blasting construction to avoid the disadvantages of rock strength reduction, structure loosening, and local cracking caused by blasting vibration. It is conducive to protecting the original self-supporting capacity of the rock mass, and it is not easy to cause large-scale landslides;

2. In the tunnel construction operation, it can replace the very expensive tunnel boring machine and shield machine and other machinery, and greatly reduce the construction cost; the milling cutter is very effective in the following rock mining operations; the milling cutter can It is a good substitute for excavator construction and can well protect the environment.

3. Flexible application, small milling cutter model, can change different milling cutter heads, trenching milling wheels, rock saw discs, etc. according to the operating environment. The replacement is simple and convenient.