Excavator vibrating tamping rammer outstanding features

The outstanding features of the hydraulic excavator vibrating tamping rammer are high strength, high efficiency, and one machine with multiple functions.

The thickness and compaction of the filling layer are equivalent to that of a heavy-duty vibratory roller, and the sound-induced depth is better than that of a heavy-duty roller. It is suitable for a variety of terrains and a variety of operation methods.
Excavator vibration rammer can complete flat compaction, slope compaction, step compaction, groove and pit compaction, port wharf underwater compaction and other complex foundation compaction treatments. After fixtures are installed, it can be used to pull piles.
Mainly used in bridge abutment back, culvert side, corner turning, road shoulder, slope protection and other road and railway subgrade compaction, embankment and slope protection compaction, pipeline backfill compaction, construction trench and backfill compaction, environmental sanitation garbage, hazardous material filling Buried compaction, etc., used for crushing and piling when necessary. It is suitable for infrastructure construction and maintenance departments such as highways, railways, ports, construction, water conservancy, etc. In terms of municipal engineering, excavator vibration rammer is mainly used for road expansion and reconstruction, urban road repair and maintenance, tamping of pipeline sides, both sides of roadside trenches and around maintenance wellheads, to prevent and eliminate local road subsidence and settlement that are common in municipal facilities.