MONDE 1.5m3 shell bucket is ready for shipment and customers in Southeast Asia are ready to receive it.

Camshell excavator buckets are divided into two types: rotary excavator clamshell bucket and no-rotary shell buckets. The shell bucket without hydraulic rotation adopts the oil circuit of excavator bucket cylinder without adding hydraulic valve block and pipeline; the shell bucket with hydraulic rotation needs to add a set of hydraulic valve block and pipeline to control. The cylinder is equipped with a piston protection device.
Application of excavator clamshell bucket 
Construction foundation excavation, deep pit excavation and loading of sand, mud, coal and gravel. Specially suitable for digging and loading on the side of ditch or restricted space. It is used for loading and unloading of ships, trains and automobiles.
Features of excavator clamshell bucket 
1. Adopt double oil cylinder to ensure the gripping force.
2. Made of high strength steel plate.
3. High hydraulic closing force with excellent digging characteristics.
4. Easy to install. 
5. High working efficiency.