Why you should invest in a MONDE excavator tree shear?

As cities expand and land is developed, the need for precise and efficient site-clearing solutions has never been greater. One of the most effective and versatile pieces of equipment for such purposes is the tree shear.


A tree shear is a hydraulic attachment that mounts on skid steers or excavators, specifically designed for cutting down trees and brush. It features a powerful set of jaws that can grasp and slice through foliage up to several inches in diameter with ease. Unlike traditional tree removal methods, such as using chainsaws or bulldozers, a tree shear can clear an entire area quickly and safely, while leaving only fine wood chips behind.


Tree shears come in various sizes and designs depending on the type and size of the trees that need to be removed. The most common types of tree shears are:
1. Fixed blade tree shear: This type of shear consists of a single fixed blade that is mounted on a powerful hydraulic cylinder. The blade is shaped to cut through trees quickly and efficiently without causing any damage to the surrounding environment.
2. Rotating blade tree shear: Similar to the fixed blade shear, the rotating blade version has the additional feature of being able to rotate the blade 360 degrees. This allows the operator to cut down trees at different angles, improving the efficiency of the clearing process.
3. Grapple saw tree shear: The grapple saw tree shear is a hybrid attachment that combines the functionality of a shear with that of a grapple system. This means it can firmly grip onto trees and brush them before cutting them down, making it easier to clear them away without leaving behind debris.

Made from high-strength steel and armed with a replaceable blade it comes as no surprise that the MONDE tree shears have become a success across the globe. The MONDE tree shear range was designed with purposely built Hardox® blades to ensure it is stronger, more resilient, and robust than any excavator tree shear in its market category.


We offer a wide range of tree shears with 5 cutting diameter models that suit excavators of 2 – 30 tons. Attached to an excavator's hammer lines, the MONDE tree shears are a hydraulic attachment that cuts trees efficiently with its’ powerful hydraulic ram. With replaceable high-strength wear-resistant steel cutting knives. The dual shear arm design provides strong performance in demanding applications such as hardwood shearing.


Through years of testing and re-designing, MONDE has developed an efficient, powerful, high-quality attachment for cutting trees. The arm takes a firm grip on the tree and a hydraulic cylinder pushes the hardox edge through the tree to shear it. The benefit this design has is that when the tree is cut it can be placed in a safe location.


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