BKM Crusher Bucket

Germany Brand, European Quality. European original design drawings, hydraulic motors and valves imported from Europe, the main structure is all made of Hardox steel plates imported from Sweden, and the amount of Hardox materials accounts for about 80% of the weight of the host.
1.The BKM hydraulic jaw crusher with high swing frequency, optimized deep cavity hyperboloid cavity, the jaw plate participates in the work from top to bottom, low working noise, and stable operation.

2.The wear resistance and strength of the super curved jaw plate, the upper and lower jaw plates can be changeable, and the front and back of a single jaw plate can also be used interchangeably, which greatly extends the service life of the product

3.The crusher bucket with both coarse crushing and fine crushing functions, which with more 30% output than same feeding size crusher.

4.Made of imported Sweden SSAB HARDOX steel, with compact structure, light weight and stable quality.

5.The size of the discharge port can be easily adjusted from 10mm to 120mm

It is suitable for the crushing of granite, basalt, pebble, limestone and other rocks. It is suitable for the crushing of all concrete and building demolition solid waste, and it is handy for dealing with hard rock. Heavy-duty structure, can work under high load for a long time.

6.All BKM series bucket crushers are equipped with hydraulic reversal function, which can easily improve the working efficiency and handle the clamping machine