Application scope of excavator ripper

Excavator ripper includes excavator ripper and bulldozer ripper. The ripper is also called bucket hook, and the bulldozer ripper is also called tail hook. It is generally single-tooth, but also has two or three teeth, and has strong digging cutting force. Mainly by the main board, hanging ear plate, back plate, bucket ear plate, bucket ear sleeve, bucket teeth, tooth seat, guard plate and other spare parts.

Application scope of excavator ripper:
Replaceable working device with crushing and loosening functions, used for excavating cracked rocks, crushing frozen soil, and also used for digging asphalt pavement, hard soil, sub-hard rock, and crushing and splitting of weathered rock for ease of use The digging bucket is used for excavation and loading operations. It has high efficiency and low cost when working in engineering construction, mining and other fields. Especially in urban buildings and other places where blasting construction methods are not suitable, it shows its superiority.

Excavator ripper application occasions: suitable for digging asphalt pavement, hard soil, sub-hard rock, rock shale, etc. to facilitate excavation and loading operations with a bucket.

The reason why the excavator ripper is designed to be curved: Because the arc is not easily deformed by external forces, it is stable. It can be seen that the roofs of many European buildings are like this. At the same time, because the tooth tips and the main board are curved, it is more stable. It is easy to fight, insert the teeth into the main board and enter the ground for destruction.