How to choose a suitable wood clamp for excavator?

For excavators, the existence of wood clamps for excavators is very important. However, the wood clamps currently on the market are hydraulic rotary, hydraulic non-rotating and mechanical excavator wood clamps. Therefore, many customers are in When making a choice, we often don’t know how to buy it. In fact, we still recommend that you can choose the excavator wood clamp according to your own working conditions, which is more in line with the standard.

The characteristics of the use of the hydraulic rotary excavator wood clamp is that in addition to the grasping and loosening motions, the grasping head can achieve a 360-degree rotating motion, and its angle can be adjusted from all directions, which is convenient for placing the wood neatly. Therefore, the wood grabber is one of the more widely used. Of course, the advantages are undoubted, but there are also its limitations, that is, the price is more expensive, basically twice as much as the machine, there are more parts, and the maintenance is more laborious. There is also a particularly important point. Because the rotary motor and the grab cylinder of the excavator wood clamp each use a set of hydraulic sources, two more sets of hydraulic pipelines should be laid on the excavator arm. If it is the main hydraulic pump valve of the engine If there is no reserved valve port, then the valve block must be added again. On most excavators, only one valve port is reserved, so in general, a set of valve blocks needs to be added. This type of excavator gripper is mainly used for grabbing and loading wood, and is used for unloading wood in the cabin.

Compared with hydraulic rotary wood grippers, hydraulic non-rotating excavator wood grippers only lack the rotating motor and rotating gear parts, and generally a hydraulic cylinder is placed above and in the middle of the gripper to control the opening and closing of the gripper. Its function is the same as that of a machine, but the manufacturing cost is higher than that of a mechanical log grab. Therefore, a mechanical excavator log grab is generally recommended in this case.

The more simple and practical one is the mechanical excavator wood clamp, which has a simple structure and is easy to disassemble and assemble. It does not need to add hydraulic pipes and can be replaced directly like a bucket. Driven by the bucket cylinder, there is a synchronous connecting rod in the claw body to control the opening and closing of the two claws at the same time. This type of excavator wood clamp is mainly used for the transfer of wood positions. The cost is relatively low, and the maintenance is simple.