Why your crusher buckets are expensive than others?

MONDE excavator jaw crusher bucket adopts the hydraulic power of the excavator, and relies on the strong pinch of the upper and lower jaws to crush the stone, which can crush the stone and construction waste, and can quickly separate the steel bars in the concrete, which can reduce the handling of concrete blocks on the project site and the generation of crushed stones. The cost of transportation and other engineering projects has led to the direct recycling and reuse of concrete waste on the construction site.

1. With the excavator as the power source, construction can be carried out anytime and anywhere, which is convenient and efficient.
2. Original design drawings from Japan, imported hydraulic motors and valves, about 80% of Hardox materials
3. The jaw plate is made of the specified material, with high strength and wear resistance, and both ends can be used.
4. High-precision bearings and oil seals imported from Japan, with more stable quality.