What is excavator double cylinder hydraulic shear?

Excavator double cylinder hydraulic shears, also known as scrap steel recycling shears, are suitable for cutting batch waste profiles, demolition waste, scrap steel shelves, tower crane shelves, rapid decomposition of scrapped cars, demolition of H, I-type steel structures in workshops, steel, tanks, pipes, etc. Scrap shearing treatment, rebar lumps and high-level demolition of extended arm excavators.
MONDE double cylinder hydraulic shears of the excavator are made of high-strength wear-resistant plates, which are high in strength and light in weight and have large openings; high-pressure and large-diameter oil cylinders are equipped with piston cylinder sheaths, which can provide great force and avoid damage to the piston rods; the two scissor plates are equipped with The synchronous device realizes synchronous opening and closing, and the blade is made of high-toughness and high-strength steel, which cuts iron like mud.